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  I have always felt that I came here:

  To assist everyone to see themselves as Love with a capital L!!

  To bring all into recognition of the wholeness that we are.

  To assist all to remember the Divinity that we truly are!

Toward that I have learned and remembered many types of healing modalities.  I teach what I know ~ energetically holding space so that your bodies and minds can remember and utilize your own divine blueprints of wholeness.


As a Reiki Master/Teacher I teach the art of Reiki and also use the Divine Love energies to promote well-being in areas of health and wellness on all levels. I also will use this modality to promote the wellness of clients, serving the mind, body and spirit.  This also goes hand in hand with being a Holistic Health Practitioner, where I advise on health issues and herbs and homeopathy utilizing my intuitive abilities to see within the bodies and hearts of individuals.

I facilitate workshops where I, through demonstration, will bring you the experience of the Oneness that we truly are.  I will present to you tools that you will then be able to actually use on your own to change your life to Love all the time!!!